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Due Diligence Investigations:  Mitigating the Risks
Contemplating a new partnership, marriage, caregiver, joint venture or investment? Then consider the benefits of a due diligence investigation. In today's environment, timely and accurate intelligence isn't an option - it's a necessity. Telematics-Online has the capabilities to search, gather and report detailed information on almost anyone or anything. Whether it's cutting edge access to updated databases, or an in-depth investigation spanning the globe, we'll put our discreet investigative experts to work to make sure your deal meets, instead of defeats, your objectives.

"Our experiences have demonstrated that the modest investment in proactive scrutiny is the best protection against costly, uninformed decision making."
Unclaimed Money

Currently, in North America it is estimated that there is 300 billion dollars in unclaimed money available for disbursement. These funds are in the form of deposit accounts, money orders, securities, insurance payments, trust or custodial payments, real estate deposits and income tax refunds just to name a few. Some estimates indicate that 7 out of 10 people or businesses have unclaimed assets entitled to them. How much of this money is yours?


Whether it's a cheating spouse, insurance fraud, workers compensation claims, bodily injury, lifestyle reports or employee theft, there is no better way to document the true facts than with irrefutable video and photographic evidence. Coupled with our extensive experience, Telematics-Online surveillance specialists are highly trained in the use of state of the art, covert surveillance systems. Telematics-Online has a vast array of equipment ranging from standard 35mm cameras, to miniature, virtually undetectable, high definition digital recorders hidden inside everyday items such as wrist watches, pagers and articles of clothing.

  Asset Recovery

Telematics-Online provides services in the seizure of vehicles, commercial, industrial and agricultural equipment. We also provide services for commercial rent distress, municipal tax enforcement, termination of lease and storage and liquidation of seized collateral. Telematics-Online asset recovery services are provided in the most efficient, integral, professional and cost-effective manner possible.


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